About cattery - Family Stars


Welcome to the website of our Maine Coon Cattery "Family Stars", 

registered with CFA (reg.222388) and WCF (876-2010/100189.38)


We have been breeding Maine Coon cats is relatively recent, since 2009. Our cattery Maine Coon is located in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region.


The goal of our kennel - breeding of healthy, balanced and harmonious of the breed Maine Coon,fully meet the standards of the breed. We want to see animals from our kennel were worthy representatives of their breed.Maine Coon of our dreams at the moment - it's a big beast with wildeyes and a kind heart.


Before meeting with Maine Coon cats, we did not think seriously to breed cats, but as soon as the first cat appeared at our house, it becameclear that a Maine Coon - it is very small.


We love our cats! They are - family members,and they are not locked in other rooms and even more so in cells.Our kittens leave home no earlier than 12 weeks and only after signing the contract. By this time they are fully vaccinated,socialization, are accustomed to the tray andscratching posts



With respect to you and the love of Maine Сoon, friendly family kennel "Family Stars"

We test our producers in the Australianlaboratory Animal DNA